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How to use bulk index checkout in Linkbox tool

Google index checker

No matter how many external links are put to the website, they do not work if they are not indexed by the Google. It's easy to check the indexing of a page with a link while there are only several links. But when the number of projects accumulates, as well as the number of backlinks in each project, Linkbuilders start looking for Google index checker.

LinkBox service has implemented a convenient tool that solves this problem. Now you can not only find out when backlinks are added to Google Search Console, but also track their indexing. After all, often the links that are important for promotion fall out of Google index, and the specialist does not even realize this. As a result, positions for important keywords fall for no apparent reason. With the LinkBox online Google index checker, you always have complete control over the situation for each project.

How to Utilize Google Index Checker?

You can swiftly determine if Google has indexed your links or not within minutes. Begin by creating a new project and importing all the URL pages containing backlinks into it. Then, follow these two straightforward steps:

1) Identify the links in the list that you wish to check. We highly recommend using the bulk index checker regularly to stay updated about any alterations in Google.

Bulk google index checker

2) Select "Check Link Indexing" from the action list and click Start

Google index checker

The status of the completion of the Google index checker tool can be monitored in "My Tasks":

Bulk index checker


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Automation of the Index Checker in Linkbox

With Google index checker tool, you no longer need to spend excessive time managing your backlinks. Using the scheduling feature, you can establish intervals for the 'Check indexing link' action to run across every backlink campaign in your projects.

Here's a simple algorithm for automatically checking the Google index status:

  1. Select the Backlink nesting level: t1 or t2.
  2. Choose the project you want to set up.
  3. Specify the checkout period and the exact time for 'Check indexing link' for each backlink campaign.
  4. Simply toggle the checkboxes to ON. From that point forward, you won't need to worry about the indexing status of your backlinks. The index checker tool will execute and repeat at the intervals you've established.
check if url is indexed in google

From that time you never need to be concerned about your back links indexing status. Index checker tool will be implemented and repeated with the intervals you set up.

Appropriate Reports in Linkbox's Indexed Pages Checker

Linkbox's indexing checker offers a convenient feature for reciprocal link reports. After each check, you'll only see the changes that occurred in your backlinks' Google index status, saving your time on analyzing stable data. Let's explore the structure of Linkbox reports.

Tags categorize all your links' indexing changes. Each tag in the report folder is marked with one of three colors:

  1. Red Tags: Signify vital changes that are crucial to know about.
  2. Yellow Tags: Denote important but not critical changes.
  3. Green Tags: Represent non-essential changes.
google index page checker

In the information table, it is possible to see the referring page URL, reciprocal link project, reciprocal link campaign on the left side and list with changes of the inbound link.

backlink index checker

In the Linkbox backlink index checker report tab, you are able to filter changes by following parameters:

  1. By backlink project.
  2. By link level: tier1 and tier 2.
  3. By backlink campaigns.
  4. By task:"Check link" or"Check indexing link" action changes.
bulk link index checker