Bulk Google index checker
How to use index checkout in Linkbox tool

Bulk Google index checker

No matter how many external links are put to the site, they do not work if they are not indexed by the search engine. It's easy to check the indexing of a page with a link while there are only several links. But when the number of projects accumulates, as well as the number of backlinks in each project, Linkbuilders start looking for mass indexing checking services.

LinkBox service has implemented a convenient tool that solves this problem. Now you can not only find out when backlinks come to Google, but also track their indexing. After all, often the links that are important for promotion fall out of Google, and the specialist does not even realize this. As a result, positions for important keywords fall for no apparent reason. With the LinkBox online Google index checker, you always have complete control over the situation for each project.

How to check Google index status?

You can see whether Google indexed your links or not within a few minutes. First, create a new project and import into it all the URL pages with backlinks. Then follow 2 simple steps:

1) Mark those links in the list whose you want to check. We recommend you regularly to use bulk index checking to keep abreast of any changes in Google.

Bulk google index checker

2) Select "Check Link Indexing" from the action list and click Start

Google index checker online

The status of the completion of the Google indexing check can be monitored in "My Tasks":



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Bulk Google index checker results

After the end of the mass check, the data is written to the table. There are such statuses:

Google index checker tool
  1. Page in the Google index (Green)
  2. Page not in the Google index (Red)
  3. Page has not been checked (Gray)

The date of the last check is entered in the table opposite the meaning of index. Above the link table is a Dashboard that shows summary information of all project backlinks:

Google index checker

In addition, after checking indexing online, you can filter out only those pages that are not in the index:

Bulk indexing checker

After that, it's easy to use the function AddUrl Google.