Anchor revelence is one of the most important ranking factor. With LinkBox's Anchor List Tool You can easily analyze all your backlinks anchors in one place.


With Linkbox Backlink Monitor the process of links management will become much easier. Monitor Backlinks from Google Search Console, Ahrefs etc.

How it works?

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Check anchor text of backlinks with anchor list analisys in Linkbox
Detailed on all actions in the Linkbox
How to import backlinks into Linkbox
How to control your backlinks when their number already quite large

Core features of LinkBox

The functions that we try to develop constantly

Quality control and link availability

Ability to check donor links in one click. Automatically checks anchors, acceptors, tags, response code, titles. Auto-tracking of clicked links in Index.
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Add url - add donors to Index

96% chance of adding any indexed links to Google within 48 hours. Now you don't need to wait for the bots (robots), just get donors indexed by yourself.
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Intersection Module Console \ Ahrefs

A unique chance to know what is happening with your campaigns at other sources. Now you will know exactly what links competitors see, and which ones are visible for search engines.
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Campaign + tier1 и tier2

The first and second level donors control, their influence on the site acceptor and real PageRank of the page.

Donor Trust, DA & PA

Accounting for the quality and credibility of donor pages by several analyzers at once. Social activity and search traffic tracking on the page.Moz, Alexa, Semrush и Facebook.

Clear and easy-to-read report

Now you do not need an additional tool for the clear output and storage of your links.

How much is Link Box?

Prices are based on a single Link checking. We always try to reduce the price. The more users are, the less price is

$1 = 100cr
add url google

Speed up of new pages Index in Google Search Engine

1 credit ($0.01)
check page index

Check which pages get into the search engine index, which do not

0.3 credit ($0.003)
link check

Check all the links on the page with tags and anchors

0.1 credit ($0.001)
domain / page trust

Check domain trust by Moz, Alexa, Semrush и Facebook

0.5 credit ($0.005)

How backlinks checker online works


Set up your Link campaigns

Import into the service the first and second level links and you will have access to a quick analysis of all campaign data.


Get any link analyzed if it's valid

In a generated report, it is possible to track links by index\noindex, tags, donor quality.


Campaign verification set up

Then you just set up a review of your links and the system will notify you of all changes in your campaigns.


Get traffic to your Webpage

Links are one of the most significant ranking factors. By managing your companies qualitatively, you will be ahead of your competitors.

External backlinks checker Linkbox

We have brought backlink management to a new level with the aid of our tool. You can maximize your backlink building efforts with the use of Linkbox. It's a intricate works in terms of keeping track of the linkbuilding works. LinkBox can perform the works automatically. It is convenient to both your site or to your clients. Get your link plans be sent to the next level using the application. The program tracks and manages backlinks constantly, anytime during the day. You don't need to spend time verifying links manually because you will receive notifications regarding removing or receiving external links. Also, a reporting system is accessible. Backlinks checker tool Linkbox simple to implement and convenient to use.

In addition to the useful features that the application already possesses, we do not cease boosting it:

  • Backlink indexer will make your link indexing in Google search engine less difficult and quicker. This process will help you list links even the difficult to index sorts of backlinks such as catalog or user profile backlinks. The service offered by LinkBox can certainly answer your problem of a lengthy queue of indexing in the various search engines. Add Url is a must to possess tool in backlink creation.
  • Bulk Backlink Checker - The program can verify the quantity of links are linked to the pages besides the attributes and indexing condition. The Link Checker application allows you to understand promptly about adverse modifications with your links, one example is, in case a link has been eliminated or converted to "nofollow".
  • Backlinks index checker - With this you can examine the indexing of back links in a google search engine. You can now perfectly track the fallout of links from the Google Index and take action to return all of them. The indexing of back links can be your bases in determining the consequences of your building links campaigns.
  • Backlinks monitor - Backlinks can be checked and see the effects to your search rankings in the search engine. You can also view if your back links had been viewed by Ahrefs or by your competition.
  • Tool for tier1 and tier2 backlinks - Tier backlinks will allow you to ace your competition particularly in a reasonably competitive niche. Creating 1st and second-tier links can be easier using this tool.

All of these tools help to manage the process of linkbuilding wherever possible and always have a steady and quick effect of the invested finances.

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