Bulk backlinks checker
All about Linkbox backlink checker tool

Bulk backlinks checker

If the project is actively conducting link promotion, it is necessary to regularly conduct a mass check of backlinks. About 20% of webmasters simply remove the external link a year after posting. Are you ready to waste a fifth of the budget? In addition, there is a danger that links to very important pages of the site will disappear, and Linkbuilder will not even know about it.

Only regular monitoring of backlinks will allow SEO specialists to gain full control over the results of promotion and find out what works and what doesn't. And also immediately after the removal, quickly respond to this by writing to the webmaster or replacing the lost reciprocal link.

How to check backlinks?

Create a project and import all url pages with backlinks. Mark the reciprocal links you want to check with our tool.

Bulk backlink checker

From the list of actions you need to select "Check links" and click "Start".

External backlinks checker

Progress status

Actions can be tracked in "My Tasks"

Check backlinks


How to import backlinks into Linkbox

Tracking actions in the Linkbox

External backlinks checker results

After automatic checking, the data is entered in the project table. The date of the last check is also entered in the table opposite the check meaning:

Check backlinks online
Bulk backlink checker tracks:
  1. Donor page response code
  2. The presence of backlinks on the donor page and their number
  3. Availability of the donor page for indexing by search engines
When checking availability for indexing, the following are checked:
  • File «robots.txt»
  • Meta tag «robots»
  • Tag «canonical»
Reciprocal link checker

There are 3 statuses depending on the result of checking backlinks:

  1. Allowed. This status appears if there are no prohibitions for indexing.
  2. Perhaps prohibited. Status appears if a tag is found
    "Canonical" or "robots.txt" does not give a response code of "200"
  3. Forbidden. The status appears if there is a rule in the "robots.txt" file that prohibits indexing of this page, or in the "robots" meta tag there is "no index" tag

Backlink Data

To see this data you need to click on the button for more details:

Bulk backlink checker tool

In the window that appears, we see the following data for online analysis:

External link checker tool
  1.  Where the backlink leads
  2.  Backlink anchor
  3.  Type of backlink
  4.  Link attributes

Currently 3 types of backlinks are available:

  • Href- regular link
  • Image- link-image
  • Canonical - in the tag "canonical"

The content of Attribute  rel = «» of backlinks is displayed in the Attribute field. 

Filtering based on validation data

Convenient filtering is available after successful checking:

1. According to the response codes of the donor page

Bulk link checker

2. By the presence of a backlink to a promoted website

Batch link checker

3. By the availability of the donor page for indexing

Backlinks checking