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Bulk Backlink Checker

For actively promoted projects relying on linkbuilding, conducting regular mass backlink checks is crucial. Approximately 20% of webmasters remove external links within a year of posting. Are you prepared to allocate a fifth of your budget wastefully? Moreover, there's a risk that links to vital website pages might vanish without the Linkbuilder's knowledge.

Utilizing Linkbox's bulk backlink checker regularly grants full control over promotion results, identifying what works and what doesn't. This tool enables swift response post-removal by contacting the webmaster or substituting the lost reciprocal link.

Data Sources for Backlinks in Linkbox's Bulk Backlink Checker

Linkbox's tool offers two distinct sources of external links: manually imported and those added through the crawler's module. For both, you need to create an external link campaign. It's straightforward – just click on the 'Create campaign' button and follow the instructions.

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By hand imported external links are links hinting to your website you know about and save in excel or other information sheets. And you can upload it straight into your campaign:

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Another type of backlinks to check comes from other crawlers like Google Console, Ahrefs, SEM-Rush, Majestic, and other less popular ones. The crucial distinction in these backlinks is that some might appear without your awareness. To examine these backlinks, you'll need a file obtained from each of these services, which you can then upload into the Linkbox Bulk backlink checker. The Crawlers module serves this purpose, providing tabs for uploading files from GSC and Ahrefs. Additionally, for other crawlers, the Linkbox backlink checker offers the Temporary tab.

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And only import your information into exact crawler tab:

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How to check backlinks?

Mark all reciprocal links you want to check with our backlink software.

Bulk backlink checker

From the list of actions you need to select "Check links" and click "Start".

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Progress status

Checkouts can be tracked in "My Tasks"

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How to import backlinks into Linkbox

Tracking actions in the Linkbox

What data you get when you check backlinks in Linkbox tool

Lets group all backlink data in two groups according to Linkbox modules:

Primary backlink table data:

In this table, information is organized according to donor domains and the pages linked to your website. The data in this table becomes available after you've run the online backlink checker on all your links.

Information for root domains includes:

  1. Percentage of indexed donor pages within this domain.
  2. Number of backlinks per domain.
  3. Quantity of tier 2 inbound links referring to this domain (only available if you've uploaded your own tier 2 backlinks and checked them using the backlink checker).
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Information for donor pages includes:

  1. Response code of the donor page.
  2. Interaction with crawlers (only applicable if you've uploaded crawler data).
  3. Number of backlinks on this referring page.
  4. Indexing status (only if you've used Google index checker ): Green - indexed, Red - not indexed, Gray - never checked.
  5. Dates of last checkouts: Index - date of the last "Check indexing link" checkout, check - date of the last "Check link" checkout, index - date of the last "Google add url" action.
  6. Backlinks indexing options.
  7. Additional pop-up.
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Statuses of all indexing options discovered by the bulk external backlinks checker:
  • Allow: Backlinks can be indexed by any search engine.
  • Canonical: The page has a canonical tag referring to another page. It may still be indexed as the canonical tag informs search engines about the original page.
  • robots.txt: Indexing is disallowed by the robots.txt file. Occasionally, pages blocked by robots.txt can still be indexed by search engines as it serves as guidance rather than a strict rule.
  • Meta nofollow: Pages can be indexed, but most of the links on this page do not pass link juice. However, sometimes, link juice flows despite the no-follow attribute, especially when a nofollow backlink is included in an excellent article on a high-authority site.
  • Meta no-index: Indexing is disallowed by the meta robots noindex tag. Therefore, these pages cannot be indexed. However, reciprocal links with this tag might be added to Google Search Console and pass some link juice.
  • Meta none: Functions similarly to the meta noindex and nofollow tags.
  • X robot tag: Indexing is disallowed by the HTTP header x robot tag. This operates in a manner similar to the meta robots tag.
The structure of the 'Additionally' popup in the backlink checking tool includes:
  1. Donor page URL
  2. Final URL with HTTP code (if the donor webpage response code is among 3**, it differs from the start page)
  3. Title of the donor page
  4. URL of the acceptor page
  5. Anchor texts of backlinks on this page
  6. Type of reciprocal links
  7. Backlink Attributes
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TTo manage reciprocal links, you can utilize the following filters based on the information from the bulk backlink checker tool:

  1. Link presence: Filters based on the availability of backlinks on the referring page.
  2. Unverified: Filters all links with unchecked data.
  3. Crawlers: Filters through interaction with specific crawlers.
  4. HTTP code: Filters by all HTTP codes found on your own donor pages.
  5. Links index: Filters by the indexing status of backlinks in Google.
  6. Indexing option: Filters based on indexing availability.
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Moreover, you can swiftly analyze the summarized data presented in the chart. This chart depicts the indexed/not indexed ratio over various days of checkouts. Following the successful utilization of the batch link checker, the summary information of your reciprocal links is showcased alongside the chart: total reciprocal links, inbound links included in the history folder, indexed reciprocal links, unverified links, and backlinks with invalid response codes (not 200).

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Information regarding the Anchor List Tool in Linkbox's external bulk backlink checker:

Anchor relevance stands as one of the pivotal Google ranking factors, evident to any proficient SEO specialist. Consequently, it's crucial to analyze the status of anchor texts in your indexed backlinks, especially those incorporated into Google Console. The Anchor List tab in the Linkbox tool serves this purpose.

Above the data table, you'll find a summary showcasing the total count of referring pages and external links. For multiple external links, you can perform various checkouts like 'Export' and 'Google add URL.'

Let's delve into the information available for analysis within the data table upon utilizing the Ahrefs backlink checker. The data is categorized by anchor texts of inbound links. It provides the quantity and percentage of each anchor text in relation to the total number. Additionally, you can scrutinize each inbound link associated with a particular anchor text.

Data for each individual backlink obtained from the backlink checker tool includes:

  1. Referring page URL
  2. Acceptor page URL
  3. Indexing status
  4. Interaction with crawlers, including the date added and the fallout date
  5. Campaign associated with this link
  6. Backlink attributes of the inbound link on this anchor
  7. Type of reciprocal link
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Using the data provided above, you can apply filters to sort your anchors using the following criteria:

  1. By campaign
  2. By backlink type
  3. By backlink attribute
  4. By interaction with crawlers
  5. By index status
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With the anchor list chart, it is not hard to see how evenly backlinks appear in crawlers. So you can decide how natural the backlink profile of your promoting website is. Near the chart also introduced distinct useful ratios:

  • Indexing option ratio
  • Backlink type ratio
  • Index status ratio
  • Nofollow/dofollow ratio
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Automating bulk backlink checker in Linkbox simplifies the management of your backlinks.

With the schedule module, you can configure periods for bulk 'Check link' and 'Check indexing link' actions to be applied to each external link campaign within your projects.

Here's a simple algorithm to set up your automatic backlink checkouts:

  1. Choose the Backlink nesting level: t1 or tier 2.
  2. Select the project you want to set up.
  3. Specify the time intervals for checkouts and the exact timing for 'Check link' and 'Check indexing link' for each backlink campaign.
  4. Activate the checkboxes.
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From this time you won't need to be concerned about your backlinks check outs. They will begin and repeat with a time you set up.