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Competitor backlink checker tool

Understanding the significance of using a competitor backlinks tool

It's beneficial to understand which specific links contribute to your competitor's successful rankings. Conducting this research involves tracking your competitor's keyword positions. By correlating their anchor list data with their rankings, you can identify the most impactful backlinks within their profiles for SEO in your niche. Achieving this involves following a few straightforward steps.

Data sources in Linkbox's competitor backlink checker tool

To begin analyzing your competitor's backlinks effectively, gather their data from crawlers like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, and Majestic. The more comprehensive your information, the more accurate your competitor backlinks analysis will be.

To initiate the analysis of your competitor's backlinks, create a backlink campaign. It's a straightforward process: click the 'Create campaign' button and follow the provided instructions.

check competitors backlinks

Now, you are able to upload your competitor's external links straight into your campaign. We recommend creating one campaign for each competitor

competitor backlinks checker

Checking Competitors' Backlinks

Once you've established reciprocal link campaigns and imported all your backlinks, conduct two checkouts for your competitors backlink: 'Check link' and 'Check indexing link.' Select all your links, choose the required checkout, and click 'Start.' Monitor the status of completed actions through the 'My tasks' tab.

competitor backlink analysis tool

Let's provide a quick overview of the data you obtain from these actions:

  • 'Check link' - Provides crucial data for competitor link analysis, such as link availability, <a href="">backlink anchor text</a>, link attributes, response codes, and indexing options.
  • 'Check indexing link' - Verifies the indexing status of your referring pages in Google search.

Once these checkouts are complete, you can proceed to the anchor list module and export the file.

check your competitors backlinks

The final step involves merging the exported data concerning their rankings with the anchor list. This process allows you to discover competitors' Google-indexed backlinks with do-follow attributes that contribute to their high rankings.

By following these steps, you've learned how to utilize our competitor backlink tool to conduct research and gather valuable insights for your link-building strategy.