Competitor backlink checker tool
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Competitor backlink checker

Why it is important to use competitor backlink analysis tool

It'd be useful to know what exact links work great for your competitor's rankings. It's simple to do this research if you track your competitor's positions on keywords you wish to rank. Simply combine their anchor list information together with their rankings information, and you check exactly what backlinks in their profiles are the most effective for SEO in your niche. To do this simple research, you have to follow a couple of steps.

Data source at Linkbox competitor backlink checker tool

First of all, you have to get all data of your competitor's backlinks from crawlers such as Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Majestic. More information you receive, the greater accuracy in your competitor backlinks analysis you will achieve.

To start to analyze competitor's backlinks, you have to create a backlink campaign. It is effortless; click the button "Create campaign", and then follow directions.

check competitors backlinks

Now, you are able to upload your competitor's external links straight into your campaign. We recommend creating one campaign for each competitor

competitor backlinks checker

How to check competitors backlinks

After you created reciprocal link campaigns and imported all your back links to them, you have to apply two checkouts to all competitor's backlinks: "Check link" and "Check indexing link". Choose all your links, then select the needed checkout and press"Start". You can track the status of all completed actions via “My tasks tab”

competitor backlink analysis tool

Let us give a brief description of data you get from these actions:

  • "Check link" - you will get essential data to make competitor link analysis like availability of links, anchor text of backlinks, link attributes, response codes, and indexing options.
  • "Check indexing link" - check your referring pages index status in Google search.

After you have done these checkouts, you can go to the anchor list module and get the export file.

check your competitors backlinks

The last step is just to combine exported information about their rankings with Linkbox anchor list data. You will find competitors backlinks indexed by Google, with dofollow attributes relevant to high rankings of your competitors.

So now you know how to use our competitor backlink analysis tool to do your research and find excellent insights for your link building strategy.