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How to use backlink finder tool

First of all, you have to create a backlink campaign. It's effortless, click on the button"Create campaign", and then follow guidelines.

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Then you need to import all your external links straight into campaigns

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Now, you can apply "Check link" action to find all backlinks to a website you are promoting. To do this select all your backlinks in the table, choose the needed checkout, and press"Start".

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After the "Check link" action is done, you get data about the availability and quantity of all your backlinks on referring pages. In addition, you find out a lot of crucial data for those backlinks such as anchor text, attributes, response code, and some others.

Automated Backlink Search Tool in Linkbox

Our backlink finder tool streamlines the process of locating backlinks across your referring pages, saving you valuable time. Utilizing the schedule tab, you can establish intervals for the 'Check link' action to operate within all backlink campaigns in your projects.

Here's a straightforward algorithm for setting up your automated backlink search:

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  1. Choose the Backlink nesting level: tier 1 or tier 2.
  2. Select the desired project for setting up the link research.
  3. Specify a timeframe for the 'Check link' action for each backlink campaign.
  4. Toggle the checkboxes to 'ON' to schedule the backlink search.

Once activated, you can relax as the backlink finder tool begins its search and repeats at the intervals you've defined.

Importance of Regularly Using an Inbound Link Finder

Backlinks come with a significant challenge – they belong to other websites. That's why constant monitoring is crucial. There are several unfortunate scenarios that could affect your incoming links:

  1. The referring page hosting your link gets deleted.
  2. The website hosting your link expires.
  3. The site owner disallows indexing of your valuable backlink via robots tags, x robot tags, or robots.txt.
  4. The website owner adds a 'nofollow' attribute to your backlink.
  5. The website owner simply removes your link from their article.

Unscrupulous webmasters can find numerous ways to disrupt your backlink strategy. Using the free backlink finder tool allows you to promptly detect any changes in your backlinks and contact webmasters for restoration. Regularly 'Check link' for all your backlinks to enhance your results.

No matches in campaigns functionality in Linkbox backlink finder software

You know only about external links you buy or create by yourself. But in some niches, each day, people create tons of natural links. The principal issue here is that Google does not know more about the significant number of those external links as well as your website doesn't gain link weight from those backlinks. Therefore it'd be a good idea to receive all inbound links out of crawlers such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Semrush, and many others and send them to Google using the Linkbox backlink indexer. In the Linkbox backlink research tool, we make a functionality that simplifies the complete process of finding backlinks in crawlers. Here we will clarify the full algorithm for You step by step:

  1. Get export files with all backlinks from the most popular crawlers.
  2. Import them to the backlink finder crawlers module into Ahrefs and Temporary tab.
  3. All new links you don't know about will automatically import into campaign No matches in campaign.
  4. Research all reciprocal links within it.
  5. Send all toxic links to the history tab.
  6. Check the index status of remaining inbound links.
  7. Apply Linkbox software indexer to reciprocal links which are not indexed.

It'd be a wonderful idea to export all good links from this campaign, separate them to your other campaigns by types and add these inbound links to those campaigns. When you add them to any campaign, they are automatically deleted from "No matches in campaign". If you do so regularly, it will not take a lot of time to find all new inbound links.

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