Dofollow nofollow backlink checker
How to check dofollow and nofollow attributes and anchor texts

Dofollow nofollow backlink checker

Google recommends to acquire quality backlinks to your website. Even if the link is placed on the most relevant and trust resource, it won't transfer backlink weight if the nofollow attribute is added to it. It's a fairly common practice among unscrupulous webmasters to add the nofollow attribute to a previously dofollow link to not transfer weight from their website.

This usually happens over an extended period of time, so Linkbuilder doesn't detect it. As a result, we get the following situation - the money was spent, the backlink was placed but the page position has sagged. To prevent this from happening, LinkBox tool has implemented bulk dofollow link checker tool.

How to check if a link is dofollow or nofollow?

Create a project and import a list of your backlinks into it. After that check the backlinks using Linkbox dofollow backlink checker. Then follow 2 simple steps.

1) Click on the details icon in the project table:

dofollow backlink checker

2) In the new window, you will see the result of checkout for the nofollow or dofollow attributes

dofollow link checker tool

Our nofollow dofollow checker will allow you not to lose the results of link promotion for a long time. The nofollow checker is simply a must-have tool in the arsenal of every professional Linkbuilder.

How can you analyze data of Linkbox nofollow dofollow checker

To analyze backlink attributes of all your backlinks we have created the anchor list module. Just click its icon in the upper right corner.

nofollow checker

Above the data table, you can observe the summary quantity of donor pages as well as external links. For many inbound links, it is possible to apply several actions: "Export" and "Google add url".

Let's find out what data we could analyze in the information table in addition to do follow and no follow attributes. Data is grouped by anchor texts of reciprocal links. For every anchor text, you also may observe the number and percentage of this anchor to the whole number of anchors. Additionally, it is possible to analyze every inbound link using this specific particular anchor text.

Data for every single anchor text:

  1. Referring page URL
  2. Acceptor page URL
  3. Indexing status
  4. Interception with crawlers, added date and fall out date.
  5. Campaign of this link
  6. Dofollow or nofollow attributes of backlink using this specific anchor
  7. Type of inbound link
nofollow dofollow checker

Based on the aforementioned data, you are able to filter your anchors using the following filters:

  1. By campaign
  2. By Link type
  3. By dofollow and nofollow attributes
  4. By interception with crawlers
  5. By index status
dofollow link finder

With the anchor list chart, it's simple to see how evenly backlinks can be found in crawlers. That means it is possible to decide how natural the backlinks of your promoting website are. Near the chart also introduced different helpful ratios:

  • Indexing option ratio
  • Backlink type ratio
  • Indexing ratio
  • Nofollow-dofollow ratio
nofollow link checker

With Linkbox dofollow backlinks checker it's not a big deal to not only find and control backlinks attributes but analyze them and get powerful insights to boost your rankings.