Check backlink anchor text
How to check and analyze anchor text of backlinks in Linkbox

Check backlink anchor text

Any seasoned link builder understands the superior efficacy of anchor backlinks. The proper utilization of anchor relevance can propel even the most competitive queries to the top of search results. Yet, some professionals often overlook scenarios where dishonest publishers substitute the crucial anchor with a 'safe' non-anchor text, a situation that occurs quite frequently.

They might observe the presence of the necessary link but fail to recognize variations in positions for important keywords. To avert such occurrences, Backlink tool incorporates an anchor text checker.

How can you check anchor text?

If you have not created a backlink project yet, stop wasting time and start importing external links and run the bulk backlink checker tool right away.


How to import data from Search console into Linkbox

How to import data from Ahrefs into Linkbox

Click the Anchor list icon in the top right corner to go to the anchor list module:

backlink anchor text checker

What blocks does anchor text backlink checker in the LinkBox service consist of?

Now, the first thing we would like to describe is the available filters that can be applied to anchor texts in the table:

check backlinks anchor text
  1. The backlink anchor text analyzer offers search capabilities across various entities: the anchor, the donor page, and the acceptor page.
  2. You can filter by backlink campaigns, displaying all campaigns with at least one backlink for easy sorting.
  3. Filtering by backlink type includes options like "href" (a regular link), "image" (a link embedded within an image), "hreflang" (a link within multi-language tags), "canonical" (a link in the canonical tag), and "text" (a reference to the website's domain without an active link).
  4. Backlink attributes filtering allows sorting anchor texts by major attributes like dofollow, nofollow, ugc, etc., post-checkout.
  5. You can filter by crossover with crawlers, defaulting to Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Temporary crawlers. Temporary is designated for any crawlers other than Console and Ahrefs. Additionally, the option 'Not in folders' displays links that haven't crossed with any crawlers.
  6. Filtering by Google indexing requires running an index checker for backlink anchor text analysis. an index checker.

Now, let's analyze the chart of backlink texts dynamics and relations:

backlink anchor text analyzer

On the left you can check the chart of backlink dynamics. Here, the date of backlink detection by the crawlers is the same as the date of backlink creation. Based on this chart, we can talk about the uniformity of links building and the presence of link explosions.

To the right are the backlink ratios of your backlinks:

  • by the donor page availability for indexing;
  • by backlink type;
  • by indexing status;
  • by backlink attributes.

Anchor texts module is based on the anchor table. Let's see what data is displayed in it:

check anchor text of backlinks
  1. The summary information on the number of unique donor pages, root domains, and anchor texts.
  2. The data in the table are grouped by anchor texts of backlinks
  3. The donor page for this anchor text
  4. The donor page indexing status
  5. Crossing with any of the crawlers
  6. The link campaign the anchor text donor page is in
  7. Acceptor page
  8. Link attributes
  9. Backlink type
  10. The export button

Some ideas why you need to analyze backlinks anchor text

The Anchor list feature offers diverse possibilities for analyzing anchor texts from various perspectives. Here are some potential segments for analysis:

  • Indexed link analysis allows you to filter and check only anchor texts that are indexed, known by the search engine.
  • Analyzing anchor texts within Google Search Console proves valuable, offering insight into anchor texts accounted for in your website's ranking.
  • Indexed anchor analysis within Google Search Console reveals links that might be in the index but not in the console. If a link is indexed by a search engine but doesn't appear in Google Console, it might not be considered in the search engine's algorithm.
  • Dofollow link analysis within the index or Google Search Console can influence search results positioning. With Google Console data providing the date when the link was acknowledged, you can compare the before/after position dynamics. This comparison aids in understanding which links genuinely impact your website's position, facilitating scalable results.

These are just a few approaches you can take. Overall, utilizing the Anchor list module allows you to exercise comprehensive control over your backlinks, ensuring consistent promotional outcomes.