Backlink indexer
How to use backlink indexer in Linkbox tool

Backlink indexer

Backlinks to your site do not work until pages with them are indexed. Many SEO experts just wait until the indexing of backlinks happens by itself. As a result, money was spent on links, but no result. A real working backlink indexer is something that any Linkbuilder needs badly.

Linkbox backlink indexing tool solved this problem by giving any SEO specialist the opportunity to accelerate indexing of external links in search engines.

How to use Linkbox backlink indexer?

After creating a project and importing all external links into it, backlinks indexer tool is available in a few simple steps:

  1. First you need to check google indexing, so as not to spend a budget on what is already in the index.

    Google indexer
  2. Select the "Not Indexed" filter

    Backlinks indexer
  3. Select all the URLs with links that need to be added to the Google index

    Instant link indexer
  4. Apply the action "Google addurl" to them, click "Start"

    Google indexing tool

In order to increase the efficiency of the instant backlink indexer, we strongly recommend using a filter. The ability to index and choose one of two options: "Allowed" or "Perhaps not allowed". If you try to index backlinks with the status "Forbidden", then there will be no result.

Mass link indexer


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How mass link indexer works?

On our trust website there is an ability to create a page with a 301 redirect to the page for which instant link indexer was applied. Googlebot redirects to the page we need with a backlink. Therefore, we can guarantee that the bot will get to the page we need. Further probability of indexing depends on the quality of the content. High-quality, unique content is usually indexed within the first hour after applying our tool. Indexing pages with low quality content depends on Google's internal algorithms and is often unstable. Even if such pages fall into the index, there is a great risk of them falling out in the future.

And for skeptics (that is 99.9% among good SEO specialists) we give a gift of 100 credits for tests of our best free backlink indexer. So create a project and get the opportunity to add urls with your backlinks to Google and get the result of link promotion today.