Backlink report tool
Backlinks reports in Linkbox

Backlink report tool

Sources of data for the free SEO backlink report in Linkbox are limited to two: manually added links and those imported into the crawlers module

To work with either, you need to set up a reciprocal link campaign.This process is straightforward; click the 'Create campaign' button and follow the instructions.

backlink report tool

Manually added backlinks refer to links you're aware of and have stored in Excel or similar data sheets. You can directly upload them into your campaign to generate reports.

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The other type of backlinks comes from various crawlers like GSC, Ahrefs, SEM-Rush, Majestic, and other less-known ones. The key distinction with these inbound links is that some might occur without your direct action. You'll need files containing links from each of these tools, which can be uploaded into Linkbox using the Crawlers module. Within this module, tabs are available for uploading files from GSC and Ahrefs, while other crawlers can use the Temporary tab in the SEO backlink report tool.

backlink analysis report

And just import your data right into exact crawler tab:

free backlink report

After setting up your backlink campaigns and importing all your links into them, you can take specific actions using the backlink report tool.

These actions include 'Check link', 'Check indexing link', 'Google addurl', and 'Check link authority'. Simply select all your links, choose the desired action, and click 'Start' to initiate the process.

backlink analysis report

Let's outline the actions to better understand the data available in the backlink analysis report:

  • "Check link" - scrutinizes your external links, providing crucial information for your free backlink report, including anchor text, attributes, response codes, and more.
  • "Check indexing link" - verifies the index status of your referring pages in Google's search engine, contributing to your backlink report on indexing.
  • ""Check links authority" - gathers authority metrics for your backlinks, such as DA from Moz, Alexa rank, and others.
  • "Check links authority" - obtain authority parameters for your back links such as DA from Moz, Alexa rank by Alexa along with others.

After executing any of these checks, you can swiftly review their status in the "My tasks" report. Usually, these actions don't take much time. However, you can track their history within this module for comprehensive control.

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Relevant backlink reports in the Linkbox tool

Linkbox offers a convenient feature for backlink reports. Once each checkout is finished, you'll solely observe alterations within your external links, saving you time by excluding the analysis of stable information. Let's explore the structure of  backlink report tool.

Tags categorize all modifications in your inbound links. These tags in the report folder are identified by three colors:

  1. Red tags: Signal critical changes that demand attention.
  2. Yellow changes: While not crucial, these changes remain significant.
  3. Green changes: These changes are less critical and don't require immediate action.
website backlink report

In the data table, you can see the report about the referring page URL, inbound link project, backlink campaign on the left side, and list with changes of the backlink.

seo backlink report

In the Linkbox service report module, you can filter changes of your websites backlinks by following parameters:

  1. By backlink project.
  2. By link level: tier1 and t2.
  3. By backlink campaigns.
  4. By task:"Check link" or"Check indexing link" checkout changes.
backlink audit report

With all this functionality of Linkbox to get backlink audit reports is not a complicated task.