Checking Domain Authority
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Checking Domain Authority

Every Linkbuilder relies on a set of SEO indicators and quality parameters for donor websites to decide where to place backlinks to their site. However, it's also crucial to monitor and track the changes in these parameters over time. To address this issue, we've introduced the ability to identify the primary indicators of the donor site where the link is located.

SEO indicators that can be checked at the donor domain level

check domains authority

Domain Authority (DA) - assesses the authority of the donor site according to SEO Moz.

AlexaRank - ranks websites based on popularity, determining site traffic and visitor engagement over the last three months.

SEMrush Rank - Rates sites based on the volume of their monthly organic traffic as per SEMrush data.

Keywords - Indicates the number of search terms for which the website was found on Google. This is determined using SEMrush data.

Traffic - Represents the estimated number of visitors to the website from Google search, calculated from SEMrush data. Each site position in search queries is assigned a conditional Click-Through Rate (CTR) value, multiplied by the frequency of these queries, and summed for all queries where the site appeared in search results with a non-zero CTR.

Links - Signifies the quantity of external links found by SEMrush pointing to the referring domain.

FB Activity- Reflects engagement on Facebook, including shares, comments, and likes.

Bulk checking of these parameters offers an overview of the quality of donor domains.


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Parameters that are checked at the page level with a backlink

bulk domain authority check

Page authority (PA) - checks the authority of the donor page by Seo moz.

Donor Page Links - shows the number of backlinks found by SEMrush to this page.