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Every Linkbuilder at least once thought about finding a tool for monitoring backlinks. Finding an adequate online tool for managing reciprocal links isn't easy. We created the LinkBox Backlink Monitor after we could not find a ready-made solution of our problems. With the help of our service, count and management of your external links won't be a problem anymore.

How can you watch backlinks in Linkbox?

There are 3 data sources in our system for tracking:

1.) Imported Links from your list. They are displayed in the main table of the project:
backlinks monitor
  1. Referring domain data

  2. Referring page data

2.) Links displayed in the Search Console. From now watching Google links will be easy. The usefulness of this function is that you can quickly track the moment when the backlink was added to the console and started working. It will also be useful in competitive niches where spam backlinks may be placed on your website. By using our monitoring tool, you can quickly track their appearance and disavov them.

3.) The links that have been spotted by Ahrefs. If that tool sees the backlinks, then your competitors can watch them too. Therefore, you can find out what links are visible for your competitors.


How to create a backlinks campaign in Linkbox
Tracking actions in the Linkbox

Who will benefit from the LinkBox backlinks Monitor?

We are sure that the service will be useful to all Linkbuilders, without exception. Still, we would like to highlight some categories of users for who our monitor will become an irreplaceable tool:

  1. Outreach specialists. It's not a secret that high-quality outreach links are expensive. The average price for placing such a link often exceeds $100, and if you count the Linkbilder's time spent on it plus the cost of the content, it will become obvious that it's simply impossible not to monitor purchased links.

  2. Specialists in building PBN. If you are building a network of 10 PBNs, then maybe it's not worth taking the matter seriously and looking for a system of backlinks management. However, if you have thousands of PBN websites, then LinkBox backlink Monitor will become irreplaceable.

  3. SEO promotion professionals who build several reciprocal links levels - Tier 1 and Tier 2. A convenient interface for managing link levels will allow you not to spend too much time monitoring, but focusing on building them.
No professional will trust the success of link promotion by chance. Linkbox helps you get complete control over your external links.
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