Check backlinks anchor text

Every experienced Linkbuilder knows that anchor links work best. With the help of anchor relevance, even the most competitive queries can be promoted to the top of search results. However, many experts don't even think about the fact that after placing such a link, an unscrupulous webmaster can replace the anchor that is important to you with a text that doesn't have an anchor at any time. The backlink will be in place but the positions for the target keyword will sag. In order to prevent this situation, the LinkBox backlink checker has implemented the ability to check backlinks anchors.

How to check anchor text of backlinks?

If you haven't created a project yet, then rush to create and import external links. After that, you need to run backlink checking. Then follow 2 simple steps.

  1. Click on the details icon in the project table:
check backlink anchor
2. In the new window, you will see the result of checking the backlink anchor.

check backlink anchor text
  1. Anchor text
  2. A field for manually adding links for checking. You can manually enter a link in this field, which for some reason wasn't detected automatically.

By using our anchor checking tool, you get complete control over all your backlinks and get a stable result from website promotion.
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